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News from the Workshop

New product store news


Where has the time gone? When we started the website I had every intention of updating the blog on a weekly or fortnightly basis but as you can see by the extreme shortage of blog posts that hasn’t happened! So sorry, between designing, cutting, sewing, planning, photography, website and family time just ran away with me and by the time I clock off work late every evening there is only enough energy left to collapse on the couch and watch an episode or 2 of the lovely Poldark…swoon!


So what has been going on?

Having been asked about a million times by our wonderful customers if we could make other items besides teepees and play mats we decided that we needed to carve out some time and work on the ideas that we have been mulling over for over a year but never had time to develop. So we are so happy to be adding some special bits and pieces. They will be available from mid-june and more items will be added soon thereafter. I have a couple of days carved out this week to put them on the website…Yippee!

What are we adding to the shop?

Quilts: I love patchwork quilts. I sewed many a quilt before I ever sewed a teepee. I learnt to quilt during the 15 years that I lived in Canada and ran a number of beginners quilting classes here in Clonmel. There is something so special about sleeping under a quilt that has been made for you. I remember when my oldest son Connor was moving away for college and we were loading up the car to make that first trip to Kinsale. I was surprised to see his quilt in with the packing. He had removed it from his bed at home and packed it up to bring with him to college. I guess you’re never too old for a security blanket!

  Personalised quilt

Burp cloths – I hate to drag poor Connor back into this again (hopefully he’ll never read this!) but he was our puker! Not dainty little burps and spit ups tho....I’m talking projectile…..there was times when we didn’t know if we needed a burp cloth or a priest! There was not a day that went by in Con’s first year without a projectile event!!


burp cloths bamboo

As a parent of a young baby you are going to get puked on, spit up on and possibly worse...yikes! Which goes to show that you can never have enough GOOD burp cloths. We’ve made our burp cloths using organic bamboo, making them so soft, ultra-absorbent and eco-friendly. In a range of gorgeous colours and designs you’ll be getting spit up on while looking fantastic and saving the planet. We may need to add a super-hero cape for the savvy mums and dads!

Organic teething rings……Made from maple and hand finished with organic coconut oil these teethers are perfect for little hands to hold and little gums to chew. Should I mention that Connor was our difficult teether? Poor baby Connor suffered while cutting every single tooth whereas our youngest son Ronan would pop out a new tooth without anyone noticing. That’s not entirely true, some people DID notice, most notably the cousin, sibling or neighbour who were on the receiving end of one of his bites!!! Ronan was a biter….but that blog entry is for another day!!

 Wooden teething ring organic


Cuddly car seat/stroller blankets, fabric baskets, wall pennants will also be added to this shop this month.

Hanging pennant


To celebrate the launch of our new goodies there will be a competition running very soon in conjunction with very talented baby photographer Ann-Marie Collins from http://www.amcphotography.ie

Details for the competition will be posted very soon. Stay tuned!

Cheers - Nuala xx


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