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The Sensory Teepee

Maple and Spud

The Sensory Teepee


The sensory teepee tent is designed to provide a safe place for your child to relax when they feel a bit overwhelmed. The teepee is designed to provide years and years of comfort for both parent and child and can easily be transported from location to location which can greatly reduce the stress than can arise with travel. 

Features available for our Sensory Teepees include

-built in loops for supporting lighting within the teepee. Lighting or other items of sensory interest can be supported from sturdy loops attached within the teepee tent. 

- Texture panels within the teepee to provide different textured fabrics that help stimulate the brain, calm nerves, and build fine motor skills. The texture panel will include at least 7 different fabrics in a range of colours and textures. 

- Sensory fringe. A sensory fringe can be added to the teepee (using the built in loops). This fringe is at least 3m long and can be removed and used elsewhere if needed. Using different colours and textures the fringe can help stimulate the brain and calm the nerves. Being removable it allows for the fringe to travel with you should you be in a location where it is not possible to bring your teepee. 

The tent is made from 100% cotton and is designed to last.

What's included:

1 Teepee play tent (3 sizes available) 

1 set of 72" Round dowel poles + 1 set of custom cut stability poles for the base of the tent. 

1 cotton rope lashing for tying the poles together

Accessories can be added to your teepee to further customise it. Should you wish you can add a flag, playmat or bunting (see my shop for other items)

The tent can be used both indoors and outdoors but is not designed to be left out in wet weather.  

Spot cleaning is recommended. If tent needs to be washed simply fold it up and place it inside of a pillow case and was on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry and iron. It should look like new!

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