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Q. Can I have my tent made with 5 sides?

A. Absolutely...any of our tents can be made with the 5 sides. Upgrading a tent from 4 to 5 sides costs just 10 euro extra (to allow for the extra fabric and poles). If you want your tent upgraded to 5 sided simply contact us and we'll organise it for you :) 


Q. There doesn't seem to be an option to add a window to my teepee. How can I add a window?

A. If the tent you are ordering doesn't have an 'add a window' option all you need to do is contact us and we'll organise it for you. 


Q. I have seen so many photos of teepees on your gallery but why can't I find them in your shop?

A. So much of what we make at Maple & Spud is custom designed for each client. A client  may see a teepee for sale in the shop or a photo on the gallery and contacting me via the contact form they will start a conversation around what they want. We will discuss colours, themes, sizes etc. and then we will create that special teepee just for them. 


Q. My child is 5 years old. Are they too big for your teepees?

A. Absolutely not. The larger Maple and Spud teepees are designed for children upto the  age of 12 years. 2 five year olds will easily play in our 45" teepee tent and 3 can play with room to spare in the 54". 


Q. Can your teepees be washed?

A. Yes. We would recommend spot cleaning your teepee for as long as possible and when it's time to wash fold up the teepee and place it inside a pillow case. Wash at a low temp 30C or lower and then hang to dry and give it a good ironing when dry. It should look good as new. 


Q. Can tents be made in different sizes

A. Yes - We are able to make the tents in 3 different sizes (listed below). There is no cost difference between these 3 sizes and we are happy to make the tent larger or smaller than the medium size as long as you inform us when you are placing your order. If you need a teepee made in a size, other than the sizes shown below, you will need to contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide you with a quote for the customisation. 

  1. Small (base width 36" / 90cm)
  2. Medium (base width 45" / 112cm
  3. Large (base width 54" /135cm